The Marketing Insider: 3 in 10

Where marketing stars share 3 tips/lessons in 10 minutes.

The Marketing Insider 3 in 10 video series:

Chris McMahon
Senior Marketing Manager at EIS

Chris McMahon, Senior Marketing Manager at EIS, a digital insurance platform and global Insurtech leader, shares his insights on creating a content program for an emerging product category and offers some content marketing trends, with tips on how his team executes them. Listen in to the latest installment of TMI 3 in 10 to find out what’s trending in content marketing today.

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Susan Apgood

Susan Apgood, Founder and Executive Vice President of Client Engagement for Washington, D.C.-based News Generation, says more than 50% of stories that you hear on television and radio are pitched through PR teams like hers. Susan says her goal is to help consumers make better decisions about their health, finances, education and more — anything that touches people’s “purse strings and heartstrings.” Listen in to the latest installment of TMI 3 in 10 for her top 3 ways to earn media placements.

Jill Solomon

Jill Solomon, Director of Client Advocacy for Major Accounts and Canada for ADP, says B2B and B2C customers today want the same thing today: to hear about the experiences of other customers — their peers. Like a product review, they want to see the same type of testimonial for their B2B purchases. Jill, and ADP, the country’s leading human resources management software provider, have a great approach to harnessing client testimonials and case studies. Listen into this 7-minute video for a quick how-to.

Maria Schueler

Listen in for great insight and practical tips from Maria Schueler, Internal Communications Manager for HUB International. Maria discuss how today’s businesses can better reach their employees with an eye on maintaining a solid employer/employee relationship during the Great Resignation.