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Build brand authority by connecting to your target audience with content.

We are ghostwriters who understand risk, insurance and compliance

We help your team:

Extract knowledge from internal experts

We charm your internal experts into giving us the skinny. Then, we whip their knowledge into your business’ voice.

Save time

We do the writing. You meet your content publishing goals.

Simplify complex topics

Breaking down high-level concepts into plain talk is our superpower.

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Today’s businesses face increasing risk.

And they're looking to you for help.

The good news is, you have the necessary expertise. The bad news is, you’re not always great at communicating it.

I get it.

Your internal experts are just that – experts in their siloed disciplines.

Your marketing team is pulled in a million directions daily.

There’s no time to extract knowledge from your experts to write blog posts, white papers, eBooks, e-newsletters and other thought leadership.

I can help your marketing team.
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My team is small in number, big on experience.You benefit.

Amplify your message.

You need a ghostwriter who gets content, including best practices for repurposing assets and developing a content marketing strategy.

Drop the hand holding.

You’ve used freelancers that needed help with every detail of a project. Not me! I work with dozens of businesses like yours.

No snobby agency stuff.

I work with you, person-to-person, not business-to-business, to get your content marketing project to the finish line.

Your product/service is unique.

I’ve been a ghostwriter for B2B businesses focusing on risk, insurance and compliance for years. I understand your niche, too.

Trust in experience.

From newspaper reporter to trade magazine editor and content marketer, I’ve been writing content for over 20 years.

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Mindi can take a quick interview call and turn it into a relevant, smart article with the right angle and supporting research. She's organized, fast, creative, and easy to work with - a great addition to our marketing mix!

I cannot say enough about Mindi and her team of amazing writers. I have worked with Mindi for a few years now and she is one of the few that can really capture my voice and make me not feel guilty for not doing my own writing.

Mindi’s knowledge and understanding of the risk and insurance market is a tremendous asset to our content development. Her work has helped me elevate my voice to become recognized as a thought leader.

Mindi’s insight into the risk management landscape has helped us create a cohesive thought leadership platform for members of our executive team. We highly recommend adding Mindi as an extension of your team—she has become an incredible part of ours.

Mindi is an absolute master of her craft, and she's fantastic to work with. I anticipate partnering with Mindi as long as she continues on her current journey.

Mindi’s extensive knowledge of the risk and compliance industry has helped our team draft detailed and on point messaging to our high hazard client base.

Her knowledge of the risk and insurance space is invaluable. Mindi provides us with industry expertise and thought leadership.

Mindi is excellent at taking complex ideas and breaking them down, helping us truly reach our audience, saving my entire team time.

Mindi consistently produces high-quality written content, is easy to work with and able to learn an industry very quickly.

Big thanks to Mindi, my favorite content writer, for making my incoherent ramble into something that reads linear and intelligent!

Mindi has been a partner for over 15 years, offering energy and commitment in each touch base meeting.