I'm a ghostwriter offering content marketing services to B2B businesses specializing in risk, insurance and compliance.

I usually tell your story.
Here's mine.

I always dreamed of working as a foreign correspondent in [+country of your choice].

So, I studied Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to better understand government systems and global crises. I nurtured my love of writing as a reporter and editor for our student newspaper.

Post-college, I traveled the world, only to realize that home is where my heart is.

I applied my writing skills as a national trade magazine editor instead. While editing a contributor’s work, I wondered why I wasn’t a contributor, too.

In 2004, well before anyone could have predicted today’s content marketing boom, I gave notice and walked out the door with a single client – a business owner on the magazines’ editorial board. His firm is still a client today.

For years, I exclusively covered the Architect/Engineering/Construction market, which I enjoyed.

Today, my passion is writing about risk, insurance and compliance. And I’ve trained a small team of writers to love it too. I find these topics somehow transform me and my team into front-lines reporters in [+country of your choice] while working from our home offices!

Every case study comes full circle. Even mine.

I'd love to tell your story, too.
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The 411 on Mindi
When I’m not working, I’m…

2 girls + 3 boys = 5 crazy kids who give me a run for my money before and after – ok, sometimes during – my client calls and writing projects.

I’d rather be...

Running! It’s a daily addiction. When I don’t run the day, the day runs me.

Bet you didn't know?

I was a White House intern in the Clinton administration. No, I don’t know Monica. Instead, I was on staff the summer POTUS was impeached.

Because, why not?

I teach 11th grade Writing Workshop at a local high school. I absolutely love connecting with the students and giving the next generation a piece of the skill I have come to love.

Best advice...

Give back with your professional expertise. There’s nothing more meaningful than mentoring a student from your alma mater or a junior employee; helping someone fix up their resume and introducing them to a manager that’s hiring; helping a non-profit with your unique skill set – and more. Start today!

Mindi Zissman Speaking
It’s always a great day when I return to speak at the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communications.