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Testimonials / What My Clients Say

  • Jim CrockettI’ve worked with Mindi for more than a decade going back to the days when we both worked on Building Design + Construction and Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazines at the former Cahners Publishing. When I had to build a new staff of contributors for my current publication, Architectural Products, Mindi was right at the top of the list, and has been a regular contributor on both feature stories and product updates now going on 7 years. Our publication is all about architectural trends relating to product development and Mindi is seamlessly able to marry the two. She also readily grasps the importance of good supporting visuals and how critical they are to our image-centric architectural audience. On a more personal level, Mindi’s a great person to work with — extremely friendly and exuberant to take on new projects.
    Jim Crockett, Editor In Chief, Architectural Products Magazine
  • Marni GordonMindi Zissman has been a key asset to the thought leadership program for the numerous communication and marketing programs I’ve championed over the last 10 years. She’s created in depth research papers and customer marketing communications for my clients in food, technology, the highly federal-regulated healthcare industry and most recently in insurance brokerage. As we’ve woven whitepapers, case studies and bylined articles on key issues such as rehospitalization, the Affordable Care Act, executive risk, fraud prevention and more, she’s brought not only a critical writing strategy but a thoughtful analytical approach to shaping the topic into an ownable position for my company executives.
    Marni Gordon, Director of Corporate Communications, HUB International Limited, Chicago
  • Mary MooreWith years of experience on the publishing side of our industry, Mindi is able to interact with our engineers, craft a message and create quality articles that position us as thought leaders among our clients. Mindi does not consider a project complete until publication time; she collaborates closely with our team throughout the process, is proactive in seeking out supporting collateral, working with editors when direction needs clarification and creating success one article at a time. With that approach and the quality of the outcome, our team has enjoyed working with Mindi for over 7 years, elevating our brand and placement in the publishing world.
    Mary Moore, Director of Communications, Associate Partner, Syska Hennessy Group, New York
  • We started using Mindi as a freelance writer in 2013 and are very impressed with her ability to effectively manage a project from start to finish. Not only is Mindi a great writer, she understands corporate and media environments to efficiently interview, extract and develop copy that is both on message and desirable for publishing.
    Marketing VP, construction firm, Chicago
  • Tony KempaWe developed an annual Abstract Writing Day to generate ideas for articles to then shop for placement. Mindi spends an entire day at our office meeting with our technical staff and talking with them about unique aspects they encounter in their everyday work. She then organizes her notes from the day and develops abstracts for approvals and placement. This format has been useful for increasing the number of article placements as well as developing content to be used to illustrate thought leadership.
    Tony Kempa, Vice President, Marketing, Environmental Systems Design, Inc., Chicago
  • Dave CallanI have worked with Mindi on many publications, articles and other professional writing projects over the course of the last 7 years. She has an excellent handle on the technical subject matter and can translate some fairly "dry" content into understandable and digestible terms. Mindi makes it easy to work with her. That, coupled with her relationships with editors, has helped us maintain a long term working relationship.
    Dave Callan, Vice President, McGuire Engineers, Chicago
  • Mindi is a consummate professional who can be counted on to deliver great results even under the most difficult circumstances.
    Bruce Ross, Bruce Ross Associates, New York.