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Problem: Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD), one of the country’s largest MEP engineering firms, knew their professionals were more knowledgeable than the competition, but needed to publish the thought leadership to prove it. Their lean marketing team and busy engineers were short on time.  

Solution: The firm created an annual Abstract Day with Zissman Media.

Here’s how it works:

  • Engineers schedule 30-min. slots with Zissman Media to discuss project they’re working on or their ideas for a blog, white paper or trade magazine article.
  • Compelling ideas are turned into one-page abstracts and pitched to target trade media.
  • Once placed, ZissmanMedia conducts a full interview and ghost writes the article.

Result: ESD publishes dozens of articles, blogs, white papers and podcasts annually. To this day, 12 years later, Abstract Day is still going strong!

Mindi has been a partner with ESD for over 15 years. She offers energy and commitment in each touch base meeting as we are implementing the next evolution of our marketing strategy. Between meetings, she delivers on commitments.

Tony Kempa
- Tony Kempa, Managing Director, CMO, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
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Problem: The 4th largest global commercial insurance broker needed to create consistent content for their target market — small to mid-size businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Executives and producers were stretched thin writing high-level sell sheets and articles.

Solution: The brokerage outsourced their P&C content to Zissman Media.

Here’s how it works:

  • The in-house marketing team gives Zissman Media a content assignment and sets the subject matter expert (SME) interview.
  • Based on the information from the interview, Zissman Media breaks down the complex topics into content that speaks to the target audience.
  • Once edited and approved by the marketing team and SME, the content is distributed via the brokerage’s website, e-newsletter social media channels and in trade magazines.

Result: The 4th largest global commercial insurance broker now produces thousands of original blogs, eBooks, magazine articles and e-newsletters annually. Their executives have time to sell insurance policies — and the marketing team is no longer chasing employees to create content. Seven years later, the brokerage is still a client!

Mindi is excellent at taking complex ideas and breaking them down into blogs, ebooks and more, helping us truly reach our audience. When we assign a project to Mindi, we know it's going to be done well, saving my entire team time.

Marni Gordon
- Marni Gordon, Vice President Corporate Communications, HUB International
We simplify complex topics for your audience.
They now understand your business’ expertise.

Problem: Ventiv Technology, a RMIS solutions provider, needed to create regular blog content to illustrate their expertise in specific industry verticals, including Food & Beverage and Power & Utility. Ventiv’s in-house marketing team was short on time and couldn’t source subject matter experts each time they needed to write a blog. They were looking for a writer who understood these vertical industries and could write the content without significant edits before going live.

Solution: Ventiv’s marketing team and Zissman Media created an editorial calendar to meet the content goals of each vertical. Weekly blog writing began.

Result: With content planning and blog writing off their plate, Ventiv’s marketing team is able to focus on other marketing goals.

Her knowledge of the risk and insurance space is invaluable. Mindi provides us with industry expertise and thought leadership.

Amanda Crowder
- Amanda Crowder, Content Marketing Manager, Ventiv Technology